Cigdem Lösch

Subtle Body Practitioner
Psychological & PsychoOncological Counsellor
Medical Counsellor and Life Coach


How the diagnosis "cancer" waked me up .... following my heart .... and now live my vision ...


My career path began with an education in the laboratory in 1987, also having a constant in my life – continuous development. One education followed the other and that constantly, parallel to my work life. In 1997, 10 years later, I managed the laboratory & process optimization divisions of a medium-sized company in Switzerland and was member of the management board. The combination of my skills in chemistry, economics and information technology made me very successful. Finally, I rose to the position of Financial Director of a division in an international industrial group. I was successful in business. But was that really everything? In the next stage of my life, I was able to realize that my personal purpose was a completely different one!

Wake-up call

Then, I received the diagnosis “cancer" - that was my wake-up call! Before that, my younger brother and my father had passed away. It was clear to me, that this was "THE" moment in my life when I had to step back to listen to myself, to recognize the causes of the disease, in order to be able to go into healing. This also meant changing my previous course.

It was time to use a gift that has accompanied me since childhood, the gift of perceiving "things", with all the clairvoyant senses, it is also known as the "7th sense". A distinctive intuition, which is developed like a multi-lane highway, which allows me an expanded view to situations.

My change of course began with my project "Rebirth".


Completely in primal trust, I followed my intuitions, worked on myself and thus paved the way to my healing.

I had been using this distinctive perception in my private environment for a long time. Supporting people, reaching out to them lovingly, fulfilled me more than my professional work did.

Bringing body, mind and soul into harmony in order to be able to live my full potential without restrictions - that was my path to healing. In this process, I became acquainted with various alternative healing methods.

I wished a place with competent experts from different areas, who have the know-how to support everyone wholly. The causes of "suffering" on a mental, spiritual and physical level can only be recognized and solved like this, step by step. I have experienced the success of this approach first hand.

My vision for a holistic healing center has emerged from it.

Change of course

The basis for my current activity is my laboratory education as CTA, in the Institute Dr. Flad, 1987. At that time my special interest was already in environmental medicine. My change of course was followed by various therapeutic educations such as Energy Therapist, Irradiation Therapist according to Dieter Broers, Psychotherapist as Healing Practitioner, Psychological and PsychoOncological Counselor, as well as Subtle Body Practitioner.

Healing is the will of the soul and not of the mind!  I see my work in helping you to put the lever in the right place. To go new ways with ease, to become aware of your "true greatness" in order to live your full potential and above all, to expand the access to your inner self, I support you "from heart to heart".


I am following my vision of a holistic healing center and make it come true with the VITALPRAXIS.

It is my pleasure to offer you truly holistic support.

The key of my offer to you is the inclusion of body, soul & spirit and your personal living environment.  In your environment the causes of your issues can be identified, while their effects can be seen in your body, emotions (soul) and thoughts (mind).

I look forward to meeting you.