Increase of life energy and treatment of energy flow blockages regardless of their expression.

Subtle body therapy supports the increase of life energy and treatment of energy flow blockages regardless of their expression.

The life force is not bound to matter, it is immaterial, it can be recognized by expressions (emotional, mental, spiritual) and effects (physical symptoms). Disturbances are in the "immaterial" i.e. in the energetic area of the life force, therefore they can also be treated subtly.




Package Price


Single treatment "Subtle Body Therapy 1"

1 x 75 minutes

EUR 125,--


Treatment cycle "Subtle Body Therapy 1"

5 x 75 minutes

EUR 500,-- 


Treatment cycle "Subtle Body Therapy 2"

4 x 90 minutes

EUR 480,-- 




  • Why does this keep happening to me? How can the past influence my present and future and what does physical pain have to do with my emotions and thought patterns?
  • Blockages can be palpated as condensed energy. If our life energy cannot flow freely, it is due to congestion, which can also show itself in physical pain or strong emotions. "I have the feeling that SOMETHING is breathing down my neck" or "this has taken so much energy from me", "I can hear your mother talking" "he is carrying a heavy load on his shoulders" are indications from our language of so-called "ethereal truth". Actually, sometimes we suspect it, but we have been conditioned to ignore it.
  • In subtle body therapy, blockages that show themselves through pain, strong emotions or circling thoughts are efficiently supported. This allows the original life force to unfold freely again. Confidence, basic trust and joy of life can re-establish themselves naturally.

What makes subtle body therapy special:

Subtle body therapy is a manual treatment in which blockages can be palpated. Similar to the physical body, the "subtle-body" can also be palpated, examined and treated.

The self-healing powers of the body are activated, the life energy can flow freely again.

Burdens and injuries can be released. Amazingly fast, with the newly created inner order, your own life force is available again.

Subtle body therapy could also be understood as "releasing energetic toxins", such as the dissolution of trapped emotions, imprints, beliefs, attachments, occupations or ancestral themes.

Typical areas of application are:

  • Inner restlessness, stress, mental circles
  • States of exhaustion or sleep disorders
  • Emotional stresses such as anxiety, grief, aggression ...
  • Negative mood, mental imbalance
  • Unprocessed situation such as trauma, accident or shock
  • Nonspecific pain in the back, shoulders, neck
  • Supporting the self-healing powers after surgery

After a preliminary talk, the treatment takes place in a quiet atmosphere on a therapy bed. Through specific and highly specialized techniques, your "subtle bodies" (energy bodies) are supported by hand - without directly touching the body. Amazingly fast changes can be experienced.

The method enables efficient support without having to relive stressful life situations. For sustainable results, 5 to 9 treatments are recommended.

When is a single treatment recommended, when a cycle?

  • A single treatment is used, for example, for support before and/or after surgery, or simply to strengthen in between.
  • A cycle "Subtle Body Therapy 1" of 5 treatments serves to support and stable flow of life energy, to release blockages that can appear both physically (pain) and emotionally (anger, fear...) or mentally (thought circling).
  • A building treatment package "Subtle Body Therapy 2" of 4 treatments serves for the further development "letting go of foreign things" (one sometimes also speaks of attachments, occupations), "feeling more complete, being whole again with oneself" (one also speaks of the integration of lost own areas) and the expansion of the access to the Higher Self. (If you allow me a personal comment here: it is always very touching when people feel their "soul" or their "heart" again ... )




Subtle Body Therapy

"I increasingly perceive a new, higher level of consciousness, am more "focused" in being and more present in my actions ... somehow, I feel a "being guided" and experience "there is something really great happening to me - moments" ...great!"



Subtle Body Therapy

"I have tried many things and worked on myself. It is the treatment that has taken me the farthest. I have finally found inner peace and stability."



Subtle Body Therapy

"I am doing great. Am so grateful for the treatment. I have absolutely no wish to smoke anymore and am very happy about it. Also feel totally grounded and connected to my higher self. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."



Subtle Body Therapy

"The therapy cycles 1 and 2 have triggered a positive, life-changing process in me. This has led me into a new consciousness and let me feel that I am allowed to realign myself in certain areas and thereby let go of what is unhelpful. The awakened primal trust in me, the "being guided", opens the gates to my new reality with my clear intention. I feel protected and supported. With joy I now walk my path in the trust that everything happens for my highest good."



Subtle Body Therapy

"After severe strokes of fate accompanied by several psychotherapies and several inpatient hospital stays, I had almost given up, it did not seem to get better. Help was needed in everyday life, as I could no longer cope. After one treatment cycle it was already changing. After the 2nd treatment cycle, I was like newborn. The "being controlled by something" and everything else has disappeared. I can do everything myself again, household, driving, shopping, meeting with friends, being alone, all this was not possible before. I am "myself" again, just like before. I have so many interests again. Now I am working on my development, it gives me so much joy. It feels like "LIFE" again. A gift from heaven, THANK YOU.