the rendering harmless, thus detoxification of metabolic end products, environmental toxins, medications or also vaccines. Other organs are also involved in the elimination of all these substances. These are the lymphatic system, the kidneys with the draining urinary tract and the skin. If there is too much pollution, the detoxification system can be overtaxed - various symptoms of illness can occur.





Detoxify by eliminating toxins & heavy metals

EUR 25,-- per ¼ Hour



EUR 25,-- per ¼ Hour



EUR 25,-- per ¼ Hour



Why detoxify?

The consequences of an overstrained organism can be:

  • Acidification of the tissue
  • radical formation, which leads to small, chronic inflammation foci. This is referred to as silent inflammation as a precursor to chronic diseases.
  • Less water-binding capacity of the tissue and resulting skin aging and wrinkling.
  • Poorer exchange of substances, i.e. insufficient supply of organ cells with oxygen, nutrients and information. At the same time insufficient disposal of waste products
  • Poorer defense function because the defense cells can no longer penetrate the tissue as well
  • These various disturbances of the basic regulation impair the organ cells in many ways. Thus, they represent an ideal breeding ground for the development of chronic diseases.

Draining - the holistic approach

  • The simplest way to get more life energy is to drain it. Why? When we release bound energy, we regain space for our natural energy.
  • What needs to be eliminated? On the physical level: toxins of all kinds, heavy metals, pesticides, polluted drinking water, additives in industrially processed foods, vaccines and radiation exposure.
  • On the subtle level: it is about the dissolution of trapped emotions, beliefs, attachments, occupations or ancestral themes. One could also say the "subtle toxins" are "foreign or condensed energies".

Drain - how?

  • The classical drainage and expulsion procedures originate from humoral pathology, which assumes that all diseases are caused by a faulty mixture of the humors blood, phlegm, yellow and black bile.
  • Derivative measures aim to cause a redistribution of energy through stimulation.
  • Derivative procedure: Dry cupping
  • Metabolism activation and detoxification through internal elimination procedures: When the body is under stress, strengthening and stimulating the detoxification organs and the intestines is equally important.
  • Internal output procedure: Herbal or homeopathic remedies

Deacidification - why?

  • Many disease patterns and "visual" changes associated with the aging process can be traced back to hyperacidity or the associated dysfunctions of the organism.
  • Negative emotions can also stress us physically and lead to increased acid formation in the body. When we are stressed, worried or have to get angry, harmful acids form more in the body. The body also forms acids during physical overexertion.
  • Deacidification is one of the first steps that can help solve your problem.

Deacidification - how?

  • Deacidification is accompanied and supported by an alkaline or alkaline-surplus diet. Fewer acid-forming substances enter your body.
  • We look with you at other influencing factors that - in addition to diet - also overacidify, such as stress.
  • More intensive deacidification cures deacidify on several levels, stimulate the organism to form its own bases and even detoxify at the same time.


  • Homeopathy is a healing method that understands the human being as a unit on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Homeopathy works with energies, because it understands disease symptoms as an expression of an out-of-tune life energy.
  • For homeopathic medicines, substances are transformed through potentization into subtle energies that touch people on an energetic level.
  • Through the administration of a carefully selected homeopathic remedy, the person is given a stimulus that activates the self-healing forces in the body. The disturbed life energy is "de-disturbed" by the administration of the correct homeopathic remedy, i.e. brought back to its own vibrational frequency.