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Mentoring & personal development

60 Min.

EUR 100,-

6 Sessions 500,-


Spiritual Coaching

60 Min.

EUR 100,-

6 Sessions 500,-


Coaching & Treatment "MasterClass

120 Min.

EUR 200,-

5 Sessions 800,-


Soul resonance therapy

90 Min.

EUR 150,-

2 Sessions 250,-


Psychological Facereading


EUR 300,-

Reading and Coaching


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Mentoring & personal development
"beyond limits" or "leaving limitations behind".


  • What does it mean to be completely filled with happiness? Or the question of what the meaning of life is. There are many answers to this question. We should find something that makes us happy - actually logical. This sounds simple, but life holds some hurdles for us. Some seem insurmountable, often we even see the solution and yet we do not dare? Why do we lack the courage and time to do what we want?
  • Let yourself be inspired that there are hardly any limits to what can be done and how good it feels to "dare to do something". Because even the most inconspicuous actions can bring about wonderful things, dare - dare you, who else?

Spiritual Coaching - Unleash your potential

  • I offer here the "YOU" .... My name is Cigdem Ajaraa and I greet the goddess, the magician in you!
  • When we work together, we focus on your issues and goals, but at the same time we are connected on a subtle energetic level. We are not always aware of this level. Thus we give away valuable possibilities, because many things are only communicated energetically. Spiritual coaching is about consciously incorporating this level.
  • Here I use my ability of deepened perception, my clairvoyance.

Why Spiritual Coaching?

  • How is the spiritual coaching approach different from others? Again, it is the professional application of coaching tools. It's the kind of coaching that expands the spectrum of possibilities. It's about the quality of your perception inside and out.
  • Spiritual Coaching is not only about methodical know-how, but also about See-how. With know-how you decide what you do, with See-how you become aware of how you do it. Know-how is about knowledge and tools, See-how is about the state of your inner BEING.

Soul resonance therapy according to Dieter Broers

  • Soul resonance therapy helps to identify and support the causes of blockages and illnesses. This treatment is also excellent as a location assessment.
  • "We'll just send your mind to the bar" and allow your subconscious to speak.
  • Let your head, heart and gut speak to communicate authentically.
  • It is now known that the communication signals between two people at the heart level are about 1000 times stronger than at the head level. And suddenly you discover the subject "behind the subject".