Rebecca Fröhlich

Consultant for Holistic Health

My professional career started with a commercial apprenticeship, followed by a university degree in business administration. In my professional life I occupied very different positions before I followed my inner voice: I want to be a mother.

With the birth of my wonderful children in 2014 and 2017, everything changed: my life was completely turned upside down. In the process, two topics crystallized that fascinated and sometimes challenged me: 

Nutrition in today's world and accompanying/raising my children. 

My thirst for knowledge could not be quenched until today - my bookshelf is bursting at the seams: Novels, non-fiction books, including a wide variety of educational literature and, of course, countless recipe books.

With the start of my first son's complementary feeding, I became intensively involved with the topic of nutrition. And quickly stumbled over the question: what is the right nutrition? What is good, what should be avoided, what is the ideal form of preparation, what can I make myself? And so I began to try out: Baking bread, grinding grains, growing sprouts, preserving jam, making sourdough... the list is long, because I always find things I still want to try. Nutrition is "my" topic, that became clear.

Again, I followed my inner voice and researched various training and education in the field of nutrition. The training to become a specialist consultant for holistic health convinced me and I gladly took on this task of continuing my education alongside my family and part-time job.

During the training it became clear to me: it is not only about nutrition itself, counting calories or nutrition pyramids. Food serves not only to fill us up, it can also make us happy and healthy. 

"Do good to your body, that your soul may desire to dwell therein" Teresa of Ávila.

Since every person is unique, so are their lifestyle and eating habits. That is why it is important for me to get to know you, in order to walk the path to a healthier life together with you. I would like to support and encourage you to be more mindful about nutrition and thus about yourself. I look forward to meeting you!