The "master" of the stone circle for the harmonization of our rooms of electrosmog, geomantic fields, water veins and what is especially close to our hearts "the increase of frequencies", the so-called "BOVIS units". 

You feel it as soon as you enter the premises, it feels so good, so light, you just feel good ...... we make your visit with us an "all-round well-being" by the choice of materials, such as the natural wooden floor, the over 300 years old oak wood from old farms, which our carpenters "Die Holzwerkstatt" from the Black Forest have processed with much love for the design elements. Coordinated colors and fabrics in the implementation of the color concept. The music supported by Theta Waves , natural sounds on 432 Hz ....... 


Origin Madagascar, 68'000 BOVIS units.

The labradorite belongs to the family of feldspars As a special feature, the iridescent color games that shimmer like the spectacular northern lights.

What is called moonstone is a variety of labradorite. When light reflects back from it from all sides, it naturally exudes a beguiling magic.

The peculiarity - the typical Labradorizing: an iridescence in blue, green, orange, red and yellow, respectively, the "color transformation" presents itself only at different viewing angles.

Furthermore, it strengthens intuition. Thus, the moonstone increases empathy and promotes love.
Besides labradorite is used in alternative medicine as a healing stone